This is Me.....

This is Me.....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ah....Another PCS Move....

I was sitting here thinking to myself of the lists of stuff I need to make. List you say? Yes lists...Cause anyone out there that is a Military Spouse knows exactly what I mean! And those that were Military Brats also can flash back and remember your parents sitting down making lists. Why do we make PCS lists?....Here's why:

If you don't make a list there is ALWAYS SOMETHING that you forget. Hell even with the lists you forget SOMETHING!

Of course you have MULTIPLE lists:

1) Things to keep out so the movers don't pack them(i.e. vacuum, pots, pans and plates cause it's too expensive to eat out 3 squares a day... cleaning supplies(of course if it's a liquid they're not going to pack it anyway).
2) Plastic tuff boxes to put the small TV and DVD's in, cause you never know how long it will take to get cable(took us almost 3 weeks when we got to VA)
3) clothes to keep granted this all changes if you go on leave in between posts.
4)Medications....Important documents (it never fails if you ship them SOMEONE will need them and you'll never get anything done without them)...make-up, soap etc.
5) Make sure that the blow up mattress' don't have holes in them(a lot can happen to them in storage) Oh and sheets for them of course....cause who wants to sleep on plastic? The pump to fill it up every night BEFORE you go to bed. And the number for a good Chiropractor after sleeping on them for any amount of time!

I'm really not a crazy person....but if I don't have a plan or list I will go insane!

I can go on and on......but we look at PCS' as an adventure. If you don't it will drive you mad. I do worry about our stuff when it's packed and in storage. You never know what is going to be broken or missing when it shows up(that's why I make them UNPACK our stuff). That way there's no surprises. And after all of the stress I can fuss at someone....Mover's really don't like me that much, but we've worked too hard for the things we have.

Then there's always the feeling of being homeless. If you think about you really are for awhile! You have no where to call home......I don't care if it's an apartment, Government Quarters or you bought a house.....You're still homeless. And all you can do is chuckle and reminisce about your past travels. Hey remember that PCS to Germany and our stuff showed up 2 days before Christmas? Yes folks 2 days before putting a house together and setting up for Christmas was exciting! OH and let's throw in there YOU'RE IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY!

This move though is a good one...going back to somewhere we enjoyed. Now on our Anniversary our house will be packed up! That doesn't bother me because that means we're getting out of here. This just isn't a place for people like us!

The next month and a half will be here and gone and next thing we'll know is that we're back at Fort Bragg. But my list's are incomplete and time is running out. I guess I better get on the ball cause it's now starting to roll.

Please say some prayers for me(well for my sanity). And pray for Lee cause he's the one that has to put up with me!

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