This is Me.....

This is Me.....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Military Children

I just read a friends blog....Thanks Ginger and it pulled deeply at my heart strings. Then I thought of my daughter and her trials and tribulations of being a Military Child.
I can totally relate to a friends blog about letting go of things. In her case it was baby towels and wash cloths. I have never kept anything of our daughter's (terrible I know), but the simple fact is we move every 3 years and to keep things is just impossible! I was always afraid that the movers would lose it and it would end up only God knows where. Some dark warehouse, collecting dust? Or even worse, things that are never claimed so some unknown stranger can throw it away? I think not! So I have always turned around and given it to someone less fortunate (i.e. another Military family that really needed it). Not for someone to buy but some poor PVT that needed it more than me holding onto it. After all that's why we take so many pictures of our children in thier cute outfits right? And the Military does take care of it's own!

As for our daughter....this year she turns 13. UUUGGGHHH Teenagers are NOT fun! But she has come into her own. She sits and talks to me about Dad's next deployment. Where he's going, will it be the same (insert sarcasum and will Mom be a crazy loon again till he gets home). I wish I could tell her that it will be the same, but every Deployment is different and brings new challenges.
She sounds like an adult and the boy talks. EEEWWWWW No mom wants to hear about which boys are hot and which one's are not! We have always measured her life by Duty Stations and which one's that she can remember that were her favorites.
I totally agree with Ginger that I want her to thrive, grow, make mistakes (hopefully learn from them) and be the great child that she is. But I can't get past the everytime I look at her I still see my "Baby Girl". And I really need to learn to "Let Her Go" and become the interesting, smart, funny young woman that she is.
She has had to deal with a crazy mom (when dad's gone), 6 moves in her short 13 years, and 6 different schools to top it off.
Military children are truly a breed apart! They adapt and overcome the most stressful of circumstances. So next time you see a Military Child, maybe thank them also for what they do! A little prayer might help to! They sacrifice one of their parents being gone(for however long) to fight for your Freedom! They are very Proud and Patriotic Children that have a strength like no other!
To the one's that have come before them....THANK YOU.....And HOOAH!

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  1. The essay I wrote to apply to colleges was all about being a military kid and the pros and cons of moving every 3 years.
    I wish I still had that essay.